Diabolos decreases attributes of enemies within area of effect.
  • Diabolos drains a random number (0-7) of the enemy's attributes (STR, DEX, etc.) from all enemies within range.


Avatar: Diabolos (Dark)

Blood Pact: Ward

Cost: 27 MP

Level: 37


Effect Duration: Unknown

Battle Application: Debuff

Damage Type: N/A

Additional Notes: Enemies resistant to darkness generally fully resist the effect. Although the number of attributes drained is random, the blood pact generally either works and drains a random number of attributes, or it is resisted entirely. The number of attributes drained is not an indication of resistance. Also, the combined total of all stats drained by Ultimate Terror is added to Diabolos. This stat boost to Diabolos, along with the debuffs on the target mobs, become weaker over the course of one minute.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Ultimate Terror" <t>


  • /pet "Ultimate Terror <t>
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