Start NPC:   Perih Vashai - Windurst Woods (K-7)
  Ranger Level 50+
  Items Needed:   Gold Earring
  Title:   Paragon of Ranger Excellence
  Repeatable:   After completing AF only.
  Reward:   Hunter's Socks
  Ice Arrow x 99
  Previous Quest:   Fire and Brimstone
  Next Quest:   None.




  • After you have completed Fire and Brimstone, talk to Perih Vashai to continue the search for the sinner.
  • You are sent to Mhaura to find a mithra. Koh Lenbalalako is standing in the corner of the Smithing Guild in Mhaura (F-9) and tells you part of a story and wont tell the rest until you give her a gold earring.
  • Obtain a Gold Earring and give it to Koh Lenbalalako for her to finish her story about the sinner and Xarcabard. She will give you Koh's Letter (key item).
  • Follow the sinner to Xarcabard and watch a cutscene.
  • Go to the cave at (E-7) and examine the ???. After a cutscene, kill Koenigstiger the spawned NM tiger.
  • After killing Koenigstiger, go to the cave at (E-8), examine the ??? and watch another cutscene.
  • Next examine the ??? at (E-8) again to get a reward of 99 Ice Arrows.
  • Travel back to Perih in Windurst and talk to her to complete the quest.

Game Description

Client: Perih Vashai (Vashai's residence, Windurst Woods)
Summary:Semih Lafihna has set out to find the truth. Track her down and help her in any way possible.

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