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  Start NPC:   Justinius - Tavnazian Safehold (J-6)
  CoP 4-2 Completed
  Items Needed:   Monarch Linn Patrol Permit
  Title:   Monarch Linn Patrol Guard
  Repeatable:   Yes, Once per week after Conquest Ranking tally
  Reward:   Varies, See Below

  Previous Quest:   N/A
  Next Quest:   N/A


Mammet Fight

  • The BCNM fight is a 30 minute fight, has no level cap, and a maximum of 18 characters allowed. Anywhere from 1 to 18 players can go into the fight at one time.
  • One Mammet-800 mob is in the Battlefield at the start of the fight. When it is approached, the other Mammets spawn, depending on the number of adventurers in the fight.
    • The amount of characters involved determines the number of Mammet mobs that spawn. One Mammet will spawn for every two characters: one spawns for 1-2 characters, 2 spawn for 3-4 characters, etc. There is a maximum of 9 Mammets when a full alliance of 18 characters do the quest together.
  • The Mammets are very similar to the Mammets found in earlier missions, just scaled up in difficulty to match the uncapped nature of the BC.
    • They are immune to Sleep and Lullaby, but suseptible to Bind, Gravity, and Silence.
    • They change between forms that can absorb damage from physical damage or magical damage. Using Yellow Liquid works to keep them from changing their form.
  • All of the Mammets must be defeated to win the fight.
    • Soloable by SMN/NIN, RDM/NIN.

  • Return to Tavnazian Safehold and talk with Justinius to complete the quest, and receive your reward. Miratete's Memoirs is the most common reward, with more than 50% frequency.


See Video.

Possible Rewards

Game Description

Client: Justinius (Patrol HQ, Tavnazian Safehold)

You have been asked to expel the black-robed intruders lurking around Monarch Linn.


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