Type: BCNM
Zone: Waughroon Shrine
          Level: 60
          Members: 3
          Time: 15 minutes
Orb: Moon Orb (60 Beastmen's Seals)





Fe'e x 1


Sea Monk


Item Rarity Item Rarity
Ajari Bead Necklace Common Altep Ring Common
Aquamarine ?? Black Pearl 100%
Chrysoberyl Rare Darksteel Ingot Rare
Dem Ring Common Fluorite ??
3000 to 5500 Gil 100% Green Rock ??
Gold Ingot Rare Hi-Reraiser Rare
Mahogany Log ??
Moonstone Rare Mythril Ingot Rare
3x Oxblood 90% drop Painite ??
2x Pearl 100% Drop Philomath Stole Common
Purple Rock ?? Red Rock ??
Steel Ingot ?? Translucent Rock Rare
Vile Elixir +1 ?? Walkure Mask Rare
Zircon ?? Jadeite ??
Sunstone ??


  • Fe'e uses Sea Monk special attacks. It is susceptible to Lullaby, Bind, Blind, Gravity, and Sleep. (Even without Elemental Seal.)
  • Has around 7000 to 7500 HP.
  • As damage is dealt to Fe'e, its tentacles start to break. It will happen 6 times, saying each time in the chat log, "One of the sea creature's tentacles has been wounded." When it has happened for the last time it says, "All of the sea creature's tentacles have been wounded."
  • At first, Fe'e has weak hits but is capable of hitting many times in one attack round. As its tentacles become wounded, his attacks become less numerous, but capable of more damage.
  • When all of its tentacles are wounded, it will replace its standard physical attack with an attack that has the same animation as that of Ink Jet. This new attack is recorded in the log as a standard attack ("Fe'e hits Player for X points of damage"), but it will be treated as magical damage (it will bypass things like Invincible, Perfect Dodge, and Utsusemi) and also carry a knockback effect. This new attack can hit for upwards to approximately 200-300 damage. By this point, its rate of TP gain will also have increased tremendously, so beware.
  • Bibiki Seashell can intimidate it tremendously. Having one can possibly intimidate him 10-15 times per battle. Extremely useful if using a straight tanking method.
  • Defeated by WHM, NIN, and SAM, using Meikyo Shisui at 35% health.
  • Update on Dec. 20, 2006 2:30 (PST) added the weapon Kraken Club to the BCNM reward table. Up in Arms doesn't have Kraken Club on Eden because it was added on retail due to RMT. It is dropped from Lord of Onzozo instead. Source


Historical Background

The Samoans had a very rich culture and mythology, believing that their islands and they themselves were the creation of the god Tagaoloa. They also had a diverse pantheon of other gods, including Fe'e, the War-God. Samoan mythology depicts Fe'e as a huge octopus, living under the sea with his tentacles reaching to the far corners of the known world like a huge compass. Believed to cause thunderstorms by his very voice, the Samoan king's diviners would listen to thunder and discern if it was auspicious to go to war or not.

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