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Like to edit Eden's wiki.

Historical Background

Played retail 2006-2009, Gilgamesh server.


I played retail FFXI from approximately 2006-2009 on Gilgamesh server. I was a tarutaru RDM, WAR and DRG named Spiffly. I never got into the HNM scene but helped to run 2 Sky ls named MoonVison and GetsTuffDone (GTD). Did all the usual Sea, Limbus, Dynamis etc. as well. If anyone remembers me, i'd love to speak to some old buddies, specifically these guys as i spent the most time with them <3:

Sirhenry, Vibribbon, Majistical, Minigolf, Wiremeshi, Storytellar, Okinoki, Nokioki, Kedaki, Aphex, Galvan, Bebechan, Batista, Shadowreapper, Castrate, Shinobidragon and many more i'm not remembering :(

Why do I Edit The Wiki?

I've been playing on Eden since August 2019 and i've put countless hours of playtime in my characters. I've had a blast since day one and met some great friends along the way. Without the Eden staff team, this wouldn't have been possible.

I'm a strong believe of giving something back if i've taken something in the first place. Unfortunately I can't code nor can I give back in any other way that I know of. That was until I stumbled across the wikipedia. Anyone can create account and start editing and after spending a few hours figuring it all out, i'd found my way of giving back. I can edit whenever my life allows it and will continue to do so until the day I call time on Eden.

Editing the wiki is easy. I'm no computer expert and i was able to figure it out. Hell a lot of editing is copy and pasting historical pages from retail wiki, but for every new page added, we nearer the day when Eden's wiki is complete! If you're reading this and are interested in giving it a go yourself, DM on discord (Spiffly#5762) and i'll help you get started.

Favourite Links

Open Projects

Here are a list of wiki projects that can be undertaken by anyone interested in doing so.

  • Category:Guides - The page is lacking many job specific and crafting guides. Need to go through retail wiki and era accurate guides to Eden's wiki.
  • Category:Job Specific Equipment - Each job has it's own sub-page found within this category (or needs one making). Within in this page, a list of job specific equipment can be found and many pages are yet to be added.
  • Food - This is not something that needs doing but i think would be a good addition to our wikipedia which retail doesn't seem to have. I would like to add in sub-categorys for each food effect (within reason). So the page "Food/Attack" for example would contain a list of all the different foods that increase attack.
  • Medicines - This page needs creating into a Category and the page needs writing from scratch. Currently ther is nothing at all.
  • Desynthesis - I have started to a new standardisation for desynth, which can be seen when viewing the desynth page. It needs continuing for each craft. NOTE FOR SELF. GO THROUGH SOMEPAGE!!! There are recipces that were added to the game and never made their way to the wikipedia. The patch notes need to be glossed over to find any missing.
  • Gardening - Testing all recipe variables. Flowering plants have all been tested at least once with Brass/Ceramic/Earthen pots. Tre type plants still have a lot of testing required.

My Projects

Other Projects

My Guides

New Player Guides

General Guides

Crafting Guides

Job Guides

  • Coming Soon!

Job Specific Armor Progress

Job Progress Job Progress Job Progress
Bard CheckCheck.png Beastmaster XEks.png Black Mage XEks.png
Blue Mage XEks.png Corsair XEks.png Dark Knight XEks.png
Dragoon CheckCheck.png Monk XEks.png Ninja XEks.png
Paladin Information Needed Puppetmaster XEks.png Ranger XEks.png
Red Mage CheckCheck.png Samurai CheckCheck.png Summoner XEks.png
Thief CheckCheck.png Warrior CheckCheck.png White Mage XEks.png


Craft Armor Weapon Beastmade Other
Alchemy CheckCheck.png CheckCheck.png CheckCheck.png CheckCheck.png
Bonecraft CheckCheck.png CheckCheck.png CheckCheck.png CheckCheck.png
Clothcraft CheckCheck.png CheckCheck.png CheckCheck.png CheckCheck.png
Goldsmithing XEks.png XEks.png XEks.png XEks.png
Leathercraft XEks.png XEks.png XEks.png XEks.png
Smithing XEks.png XEks.png XEks.png XEks.png
Woodworking XEks.png XEks.png XEks.png XEks.png

Future Projects


Generic Simple Table

Title 1 Title 2 Title 3

Generic TOC

Table of Contents:

xxx | xxx
xxx | xxx

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