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MonkeyAce MonkeyAce 21 March 2020


I've seen some brillant photos but in the wrong format, so many people taking photos, with no concensus on what the correct format for a photo should be you get some amazing photos you have to alter to fit the style and and editing a good photo feels so wrong.

Then we have those bad photos, like seriously bad photos. My favourite bad photo is the one in a dark room of the back of the person, it's like no one even cared! Some common issues are poor quality, misty, grainy photos or a photo of someone in a crowded photo so you can even tell who your even looking at, or the photo of an NPC from the otherside of the zone, like seriously!?

Side photos, okay that's fair some NPCs aren't gonna always turn to face you and some you can't get near likeā€¦

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