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Abbreviation: VIT

Vitality is a stat that is compared with an attacker's strength to determine the damage curve and reduces the maximum amount of damage that a character takes from a blow. Tanks, primarily Paladins, raise VIT in order to live longer and make a White Mage's job easier.

For every two points of Vitality, a character's defense stat is raised by one point.

Associated with the Element of Earth. Many items that are Earth-based add VIT to a player's Stats, such as Titan's Cudgel

Breakdown of level 1 vitality stats by race and class

Mithra: 8 (MNK/PLD)

Elvaan: 9 (MNK/PLD)

Galka: 10 (MNK/PLD)

Hume: 8 (MNK/PLD)

Tarutaru: 8 (PLD)

  • Note: a large amount of Vitality can also increase the potency of cure spells.

Ex: Koenig Schaller +10 VIT also has the same added potency as Valor Coronet's +10 Healing Magic Skill and has been tested accordingly; both results were of the same potencyVerification Needed.

  • It has also been tested that VIT is a hidden modifier for the new magic shield effect on the Paladin job ability Rampart. The currently accepted formula seems to be: VIT*2 equals the amount of damage absorbed by magic stoneskin.
  • VIT also affects the damage of Jump with a 50% modifier.