The War Warlocks are the Tarutaru and Cardian military force for the Federation of Windurst. They are lead by the Warlock Warlord, who is chosen once per year from the Parliament of Patriarchs. There are twelve brigades within this group, which are named after the twelve signs of Zodiac. Each brigade is lead by a Master Caster who is advised by several Wise Wizards.

Each brigade is divided into eight Caster Companies, who do the actual fighting. They are made up of thirty Combat Casters and one hundred Cardians, which are controlled by a group of Tactican Magicians. Each company is headed by a Caster Captain.

The Windurstian Conquest Overseers are members of the War Warlocks.


The Crystal War

1.Brigade - Ariesan Casters

2.Brigade - Taurean Casters

3.Brigade - Geminian Casters

4.Brigade - Cancerian Casters

5.Brigade - Leonian Casters

6.Brigade - Virgo Casters Verification Needed

  • Not talked about currently.

7.Brigade - Libran Casters

8.Brigade - Scorpion Casters

9.Brigade - Sagittarian Casters

10.Brigade - Capricornian Casters

11.Brigade - Aquarian Casters

12.Brigade - Piscean Casters

  • Unknown leader.
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