Start NPC:   Miageau - Northern San d'Oria (L-7)
  San d'Oria Reputation 1
  Items Needed:   None
  Title:   The Pure One
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   Wing Pendant
  Previous Quest:   None
  Next Quest:   The Vicasque's Sermon


  • Speak with Miageau. He will tell you he needs water from the Sacred Cheval River. He instructs you to buy a Blessed Waterskin from the other friar (to your right, by the bottom of the stairs). Trade 10g to Nouveil to buy the waterskin, then head to East Ronfaure.
  • Trade the waterskin to the targetable "Cheval River" area (in place of a ???) at (H-5) at the start of the river to receive the Cheval Water.
  • Return and trade the Cheval Water to Miageau for your reward.

Game Description

Client: Miageau (Cathedral, Northern San d'Oria)

Draw water from the Cheval River in East Ronfaure.
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