Weapon Skill Points serve two primary purposes. The first is to complete the Trial Weapon quests to gain access to the "final" Weapon Skills for each weapon class (generally available between skill levels 230 and 250, depending on the weapon). The second is to unlock the Latent Effects on various weapons, generally obtainable through Kindred's Seal NM battles (sometimes called KSNM's, a form of BCNM using Kindred's Seals instead of Beastmen's Seals).

The points are accumulated by performing Weapon Skills and Skillchains on enemies that Check as "Easy Prey" or higher. The game provides no method of checking how many points you have accumulated, so it is generally important to use some other means to track your progress when doing a trial weapon quest, or unlocking the latent on a weapon that uses Weapon Skill Points. Trial weapons generally have stats on them which will cease affecting your character when the requisite number of points have been obtained. The other weapons do not always have this, however.

Points are credited only towards the weapon performing the Weapon Skill, either your ranged weapon or the weapon in your main hand. In the case of two-handed weapons, this will be the only weapon you can equip. For jobs which can Dual Wield two one-handed weapons, only the main weapon will receive points. You may change weapons at any time without losing the points you have accumulated thus far, but you will not receive any further credit toward that weapon's points until you re-equip it in your main weapon slot.

Accumulating Points

Points Method
1 Solo Weapon Skill, or opening any level Skillchain
2 Closing a Level 1 Skillchain
3 Closing a Level 2 Skillchain
5 Closing a Level 3 Skillchain
  • A side note about earning points for your latent weapons:
         Do not use these in Dynamis, as points gained there do not count towards your overall goal of breaking a Latent Effect.
         However, points may be obtained during Besieged.


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