Description:This slip of parchment explains, in detail, the steps one must take to improve her weapon wielding skills.

Used In Quest(s):*The Weight of Your Limits (Great Axe, Steel Cyclone)

  • Shoot First, Ask Questions Later (Marksmanship, Detonator)
  • Inheritance (Great Sword, Ground Strike)
  • The Walls of Your Mind (Hand-to-Hand, Asuran Fists)
  • Methods Create Madness (Polearm, Impulse Drive)
  • Souls in Shadow (Scythe, Spiral Hell)
  • Old Wounds (Sword, Savage Blade)
  • From Saplings Grow (Archery, Empyreal Arrow)
  • Orastery Woes (Club, Black Halo)
  • Blood and Glory (Staff, Retribution)
  • Axe the Competition (Axe, Decimation)
  • Cloak and Dagger (Dagger, Evisceration)
  • The Potential Within (Great Katana, Tachi: Kasha)
  • Bugi Soden (Katana, Blade: Ku)
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