Classic FFXI community

Welcome to Eden Server![]

We are excited to welcome you to Eden. Eden is a private FFXI emulation server forked from the Darkstar Project. 

We have a solid three man development team working directly on Eden with decades of combined experience in software development. We are all detail oriented and open to the community voicing their opinions. On top of this we have a system in place to update our code base from the Darkstar Project community contributors every so often as well.

The vision of Eden is to see a helpful community that promotes a team based environment. We feel that the 75 Treasures of Aht Urghan era was the perfect balance between great content and a game that made people work together. We have four tenants that we like to hold above all others, and although we aim to stay close to the proper era content, what is most important to us is...

  1. Content that promotes team work.
  2. Common sense balancing. We are okay with changing things that don't make any sense. As an example, we have chosen to leave Dragoon's two hour ability as Spirit Surge as it made absolutely no sense to have Call Wyvern be a 2 hour cooldown.
  3. Select quality of life improvements. While our aim is to stay as close to era as possible, there will be times where we stray from this. This comes back to common sense balancing.
  4. Classic NM camping. We've reverted all of your favorite old notorious monsters to drop their original items, no longer will they drop Rare/Exclusive items!

While we originally were developing for a start date of March 1st 2019 this date was moved up considerably due to that fact that the Kupo private server was being shut down. Eden took on the character data from Kupo's database so that those characters could live on.

Eden's beta phase will last until we feel that the server is stable and that there is enough content. This beta phase, however, will persist character data into the general release. Players that play during beta will not lose any significant data between playing in beta and playing in the general release. However, there may be some changes that we notice that will require slight rollbacks. Such as exploits or abused game mechanics. We would only roll back that single part for the characters that participated. Hopefully this is clear that you can progress your characters during beta and still continue with that progress during the general release.

To play, you'll need to install FFXI and use a program to connect it to private servers. An easy to use, custom installer package for this server is being created; but until that is finished, you can find that information at the link below.

Click here to setup your computer to play on Eden.