If you see a quest that is listed as Yes but is not working properly please report it on GitHub. Make sure to list as many details as possible when describing what is not working. If there happens to already be a report on that quest regarding your problem, just add your experience to that report.

Legend Edit

Yes = Quest is in game and working

Yes but bugged = Quest is in game but not working properly and being worked on or in que to be worked on.

No = Not in game yet but is planned

Quests Started Here (Port Windurst)

Quest Type Starter Location Fame Available?
  A Discerning Eye General R Pygmalion   M-7 1 No
  All at Sea General Paytah   I-7 3 No
  Catch It If You Can! General R Ohruru   E-7 ? Yes
  Crying Over Onions General Kohlo-Lakolo   G-5 6 Yes
  Escort for Hire Escort R Dehn Harzhapan   G-6 6 No
  Inspector's Gadget! General Kohlo-Lakolo   G-5 3 Yes
  Know One's Onions Spell Kohlo-Lakolo   G-5 2 Yes
  Making Amends General Hakkuru-Rinkuru   E-7 2 Yes
  Making Amens! General Hakkuru-Rinkuru   E-7 4 Yes
  One Good Deed? Map Chipmy-Popmy   C-8 ? Yes
  Onion Rings General Kohlo-Lakolo   G-5 3 Yes but bugged
  Orastery Woes Weapon Skill Kuroido-Moido   E-7 --- Yes
  Something Fishy General R Tokaka   C-8 1 Yes
  The Promise General Kohlo-Lakolo   G-5 ? Yes
  To Catch a Falling Star General Sigismund   E-7 1 Yes
  Truth, Justice, and the Onion Way! General Kohlo-Lakolo   G-5 1 Yes
  Wonder Wands General Hakkuru-Rinkuru   E-7 ? Yes

Quests Started Here (Windurst Walls)

Quest Type Starter Location Fame Available?
  Blast from the Past General Koru-Moru   E-7 3 No
  Blood and Glory Weapon Skill Shantotto   K-7 -- Yes
  Carbuncle Debacle SMN AF 3 --   I-9 -- Yes
  Class Reunion SMN AF 2 --   G-3 -- Yes
  Curses, Foiled A-Golem!? Spell Shantotto   K-7 4 Yes
  Curses, Foiled Again! General Shantotto   K-7 1 Yes
  Curses, Foiled...Again!? General Shantotto   K-7 2 Yes
  Flower Child Mog Exit Ojha Rhawash   C-13 1 Yes
  I Can Hear a Rainbow SMN Flag Ajido-Marujido   G-3 -- Yes
  Mandragora-Mad General (R) Yoran-Oran   E-5 1 Yes
  Nothing Matters General Koru-Moru   E-7 9 No
  Star Struck General Koru-Moru   E-7 2 No
  The Postman Always K.O.s Twice General (R) Ambrosius   J-12 1 Yes
  The Puppet Master SMN AF 1 Juroro   I-8 -- Yes but bugged
  To Bee or Not to Bee? General Raamimi   F-7 2 Yes

Quests Started Here (Windurst Waters)

Quest Type Starter Location Fame Available?
  A Crisis in the Making General R Ranpi-Monpi   (D-9) 2 Yes
  A Feather in One's Cap General R Baren-Moren   (H-7) 3 Yes
  A Pose by Any Other Name General Angelica   (F-10) 1 Yes
  A Smudge on One's Record Map Hariga-Origa   (F-8) 4 Yes
  Acting in Good Faith Spell Gantineux   (E-10) 4 Yes
  Blue Ribbon Blues General Kerutoto   (J-8) ? Yes
  Chasing Tales General Tosuka-Porika   (G-8) 3 Yes
  Early Bird Catches the Bookworm General Tosuka-Porika   (G-8) 2 Yes
  Eco-Warrior General R Lumomo   (F-10) 1 Yes
  Food for Thought General Kerutoto   (J-8) 1 Yes
  Glyph Hanger Map Hariga-Origa   (F-8) 1 Yes
  Hat in Hand General R Baren-Moren   (H-7) 1 Yes
  Heaven Cent General Ropunono   (F-7) 5 No
  Hoist the Jelly, Roger General Maysoon   (E-9) ? Yes
  In a Pickle General R Chamama   (F-10) 1 Yes
  Let Sleeping Dogs Lie General Mashuu-Ajuu   (K-6) 4 No
  Making Headlines General Naiko-Paneiko   (C-11) 1 Yes but bugged
  Making the Grade Spell Fuepepe   (L-6) 3 Yes
  Overnight Delivery General Kenapa-Keppa   (J-9) 3 Yes
  Reap What You Sow General R Mashuu-Ajuu   (K-6) 1 Yes
  Say It with Flowers General R Moari-Kaaori   (C-9) 2 Yes
  Scooped! General Naiko-Paneiko   (C-11) ? Yes
  Teacher's Pet General R Moreno-Toeno   (L-6) 1 Yes
  The Moonlit Path Avatar R Leepe-Hoppe   (J-9) -- Yes
  Toraimarai Turmoil General R Ohbiru-Dohbiru   (J-9) ? Yes
  Tuning In General Leepe-Hoppe   (J-9) ? No
  Tuning Out General Leepe-Hoppe   (J-9) ? No
  Waking Dreams Avatar R Kerutoto   (J-8) ? Yes
  Water Way to Go General Ohbiru-Dohbiru   (J-9) 4 Yes
  Wild Card General Honoi-Gomoi   (E-7) ? Yes
  Wondering Minstrel General Jatan-Paratan   (F-10) 6 Yes

Quests Started Here (Windurst Woods)

Quest Type Starter Location Fame Available?
  A Chocobo Riding Game Delivery ---   L-12 ? No
  A Greeting Cardian General Kororo   H-9 3 Yes
  As Thick as Thieves THF AF 2 Nanaa Mihgo   J-3 --- Yes
  Can Cardians Cry? General Apururu   H-9 ? Yes
  Chocobilious General Kuoh Rhel   K-12 2 Yes
  Creepy Crawlies General R Illu Bohjaa   I-6 1 Yes
  Fire and Brimstone RNG AF 2 Perih Vashai   K-7 --- Yes
  From Saplings Grow Weapon Skill Perih Vashai   K-7 --- Yes
  Hitting the Marquisate THF AF 3 Nanaa Mihgo   J-3 --- Yes
  In a Stew General R Kuoh Rhel   K-12 4 Yes
  Legendary Plan B General Kopuro-Popuro   H-10 4 Yes
  Lure of the Wildcat General Ibwam   G-11 1 Yes
  Mihgo's Amigo General R Nanaa Mihgo   J-3 Tensh.: 1 Yes
  Paying Lip Service General R Tapoh Lihzeh   I-8 1 Yes
  Rock Racketeer General Nanaa Mihgo   J-3 3 Yes
  Sin Hunting RNG AF 1 Perih Vashai   K-7 --- Yes
  The All-New C-2000 General Kopuro-Popuro   H-10 1 Yes
  The All-New C-3000 General Kopuro-Popuro   H-10 4 Yes
  The Amazin' Scorpio General Soni-Muni   H-10 2 Yes
  The Fanged One RNG Flag Perih Vashai   K-7 --- Yes
  The Tenshodo Showdown THF AF 1 Nanaa Mihgo   J-3 --- Yes
  Twinstone Bonding General R Gioh Ajihri   K-5 3 Yes
  Unbridled Passion RNG AF 3 Perih Vashai   K-7 --- Yes

Quests Started Here (Heavens Tower)

Quest Type Starter Location Fame Available?
  Recollections BLM AF 2 Chumimi    1 Yes
  The Root of the Problem BLM AF 3 Chumimi    1 Yes
  The Three Magi BLM AF 1 Chumimi    1 Yes
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