Start NPC:   Hakkuru-Rinkuru - Port Windurst (E-7)
  Windurst Reputation 2
  Items Needed:   Mythril Rod
  Oak Staff
  Rose Wand
  Title:   Doctor Shantotto's Guinea Pig
  Repeatable:   No.
  Reward:   New Moon Armlets
  Previous Quest:   Making Amens!
  Next Quest:   None.


  • Hakkuru-Rinkuru is preparing the budget for next year and the black, white, and red mages of the War Warlocks are pressuring him for more funds.
  • Since the Orastery is in charge of operations and know nothing about weapons he wants you to collect three weapons to test to see which one gives the best bang for the buck.
  • Talk to Goltata, Captain of the WHM brigade, who talks about an Oak Staff.
  • Talk to Yaman-Hachuman, Captain of the BLM brigade, who talks about a Mythril Rod.
  • Talk to Ohruru, Captain of the RDM brigade, who talks about a Rose Wand.
  • After you trade the Mythril Rod, Rose Wand, and Oak Staff you will be treated to a delightfully funny cut-scene with Shantotto.
  • Your reward is a New Moon Armlets, 4800g and two of the three items back (one will randomly break during the test).

Game Description

Client: Hakkuru-Rinkuru (Orastery, Port Windurst)
Summary:The black, white, and red mage brigades of the War Warlocks are arguing over how the Orastery's budget should be spent. The captains of the three brigades each want you to obtain a sample of the wands they want so they can decide which to buy.

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