The Zhayolm Remnants are one of the areas of Salvage. This area is only accessible if the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion is installed, The Road to Aht Urhgan quest is completed, Aht Urhgan Mission 17: Guests of the Empire is completed, your current job is at least level 65, and the necessary Salvage prerequisites are met.

A cage of Zhayolm Remnants Fireflies is given to all participating mercenaries who enter. They can be used to return to the Zhayolm Remnants section of the Alzadaal Undersea Ruins.

The following maps are slightly out of date until the original creator (Lokim, Foodmonsters, Carbuncle) updates them.

First Floor

From the start, an armoury crate immediately past the first door will contain 10 cells. The cells will be deposited directly into the treasure pool.

Each chest contains 10 cells containing the following: 2 Incus(Weapon), 1-2 Praecipitatio(Magic), 1 Duplicatus(Subjob), 1-2 Opacus(Ability), any combination of 2 cells of type Humilus(HP), Spissatus(MP), Cumulus(Body), or Undulatus(Ranged), and a random 2 out of the remaining types of cells.

Each "wing" on the first floor has one kind of monster; they will drop the same item all the way through (with the exception of the first few).

The drops on this floor are not affected by Treasure Hunter. In each room of mobs, two will drop and two will not; once you have received drops from two of the mobs you can move on to the next room unless you want to clear the whole wing to pop a Poroggo Gent.

The first room of each mob type drops one of each type of cell (weapons, magic, abilities, and subjobs), two each from two of the four mobs. The other rooms drop only one type of cell (determined by which wing you're in), one each from two of the four mobs.

SE Wing

NE Wing

NW Wing

SW Wing

All Wings

Second Floor

Like the first floor, half of the mobs have guaranteed drops, while the other half drop nothing. However, every mob which has guaranteed drops also has random cell drops which are affected by Treasure Hunter.

The room in which you start is determined by the teleporter you took up from the first floor.

Clearing all 8 of the normal mobs in a room causes the Mamool Ja to spawn.

You need to kill the Mamool Ja in the room in which you start on this floor in order to unlock the door to the other three rooms on this floor (this is not necessary in order to access the teleporter to the next floor).

The Slot is found in the NW room, while the Socket is found in the NE room.

SE Room

NE Room

NW Room

SW Room

Third Floor

Fourth Floor

North Area

South Area

Both Areas

Fifth Floor

  • Zhayolm Card drops here (from Archaic Machinery)
  • It is not necessary to kill the Chariot or Rampart to activate the teleporter.
  • At least one of the Chariots is reported to attract nearby Gears (not exactly linking) when attacked.
  • No cells drop in the North Area.

North Area

South Area

Sixth Floor

Seventh Floor



Area Drop Theme


Area Tier 1 (Lv.15) Tier 2 (Lv.25) Tier 3 (Lv.35)
Head Body Hands Legs Feet Head Body Hands Legs Feet Head Body Hands Legs Feet


Template:Salvage Notes
Enemy Classification Floor Enemy Name Set Lv. Item Name
Lv. 15 100%
Lv. 35 Low Drop Rate
3rd Poroggo Madame Ares 15 Enyo's Gauntlets
Morrigan 15 Nemain's Cuffs
4th (N) Poroggo Madame Skadi 15 Njord's Mask
Usukane 15 Hoshikazu Kyahan
Marduk 15 Anu's Brais
5th (N) Poroggo Madame Skadi 35 Freya's Trousers
Usukane 35 Hikazu Gote
Marduk 35 Enlil's Gambison
6th Poroggo Madame Ares 35 Deimos's Leggings
Morrigan 35 Macha's Pigaches
Marduk 35 Enlil's Tiara
Silver Sea Card NM
100% Drop
2nd Jakko Skadi 15 Njord's Jerkin
2 drops, 100%
7th Battleclad Chariot Ares 25 Phobos's Cuisses
Skadi 25 Freyr's Gloves
Usukane 25 Tsukikazu Jinpachi
25 Tsukikazu Togi
Marduk 25 Ea's Crackows
Morrigan 25 Bodb's Slops
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